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Since 2008, Score Foothills has been consumers' favorite way to save money with local businesses.

Like saving money and getting quality service and goods?  We do and that’s how Score Foothills came into being.  It seems that all those other “Denver” mailers really didn’t care about those of us living in the most beautiful parts of Colorado.  So we set about finding businesses that want to do business with residents that live where we live, in the Foothills!

Score Foothills is a demographically delivered magazine that saves you money.  Why is that important?  According to media studies conducted over many, many years, people who use coupons are; women, over thirty, with children, own homes and make above average household income. And, let’s face it, most financial decisions regarding the home are made by the woman of the household.  That’s a fact!

Score Foothills brings you merchants who really, really want to do business with you.  Some are located right here in the Foothills and some are nearby, down the hill.  And every one of them welcomes your business and invites you to contact them by using a coupon.  Whether it’s clothes for you or your family or a new roof on your home these business owners are willing to take a little less to do business with you.  Isn’t that great!

Who else delivers a full color, glossy magazine that saves you money and is dedicated to the Foothills?  No one!  And, Score Foothills is owned and operated by a family that has called the Foothills their home for more than 25 years.

You can also find Score Foothills magazines right here on our website.  Feel free to download the coupons and use them.  You’ll also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

So, break out the scissors, sit down and enjoy the beautiful artwork and the great savings when you clip out a coupon. Then call one of the many fantastic businesses in Score Foothills!

"I can hardly wait to get my Score Foothills in the mail. It always delivers great deals and is a great looking publication."

-Debbie, Bailey




If your home falls anywhere on this map, you can find Score Foothills in your mailbox at the beginning of each month!

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